Enhanced Worker Safety

Man Down and Lone Worker

Man Down and Lone Worker

Tait portable and mobile radios are equipped with Man Down and Lone Worker, ensuring you are the first to know if they have an accident or need help. Man Down uses a tilt sensor and timer in our radios to recognize a change. If an officer with a portable falls or a car with a mobile rolls, dispatch will immediately receive an alarm. Lone Worker provides a timer, and if the officer doesn't check back in before the timer ends, dispatch will again receive notification. When coupled with our Location Services, you'll also know exactly where the officer in distress is located.

Reliable voice communications

Reliable voice communications

Clear, reliable voice functionality across your network delivers crystal clear call quality so that messages come through clearly. When it comes to great coverage, Tait simulcast networks and coverage design are second to none. Tait TeamPTT ensures that even without access to their radio, firefighters and emergency response personnel can speak directly over the network through their smartphone, at any time. Partnered with Seamless Roaming, our innovation connects you automatically to the strongest available network, guaranteeing you'll be able to get through no matter where you are.

Tough portables for tough environments

Tough portables for tough environments

From design to manufacture to field use, our radios are built tough. Tait Tough portables have been engineered with the durability officers need to survive the demanding environments they need them in. Our Intrinsically Safe portables are engineered to operate safely in hazardous environments, keeping your people safe while they get the job done.

Secure communications

Secure communications

Our P25 platform delivers market-leading security to help public safety agencies protect their communications systems and information from attack and inadvertent harm. With FIPs approved 256 bit AES encryption, award-winning Key Management Facility, and ability to remotely disable lost or stolen radios, Tait network information security exceeds expectations on information protection.

"Before, you had to look for places where you could talk on a portable. Now I'm trying to look for places where I can't, and I haven't found any yet."

Matthew Gay

Better Efficiency

Take your WiFi with you

The WiFi access to LTE provided by Tait Unified Vehicle allows firefighters and first responders to obtain important data about the scenes they are responding to, right from their vehicles. Whether it be weather conditions, traffic reports, or site-specific risks, this information allows responders to arrive on scene well-prepared and informed, without wasting time by returning to the station.

Faster response times

Good communication with dispatch is key to first responders who need to know when and where assistance is needed. Our dispatch solutions incorporate display consoles and data provided by GPS services, which allows dispatchers to quickly identify and guide the nearest responders to scenes by the fastest routes available. Integrated voice communications ensure dispatchers and responders can quickly make calls.

Quick, easy management

You can update, manage, and report on your entire radio fleet with Tait Enable tools. By using Over-the-Air-Programming (OTAP), you can deliver updates without firefighters needing to bring their radios back to the station. The software even alerts you if an update fails, ensuring you maintain consistent results across your fleet. Reports and monitoring are also centralized, making it quick and easy to call up information.

Clear Voice

Repeating yourself multiple times is frustrating and slows things down, and can be very dangerous in emergency situations. Thanks to Tait coverage design and audio clarity of our terminal radios, your first responders won't be slowed down with poor audio quality. Furthermore, instant playback of audio is available with our Tait Unified Vehicle solution, allowing individual users to replay audio without disturbing the network.

Stay Connected

Proven Interoperability

We partner with interoperability experts to provide seamless, unified mission critical communications solutions. Our interoperability solutions enable your fire or emergency response organization to continue using existing radio and communications systems while upgrading your network or equipment at your own pace. This eliminates system downtime, keeping your personnel connected.

Agency interoperability

The Tait P25 platform has been engineered to exceed interoperability expectations with full adherence to the P25 standards. Our products and systems are tested to ensure they can be deployed seamlessly alongside other vendor's standard based products and systems, allowing agencies to communicate in mutual-aid or multi-agency situations.

Take your WiFi with you

Tait Unified Vehicle is a platform for your officers' mobile radios that creates a network of networks, providing access to LTE through WiFi wherever they go. This provides redundancy, ensuring that officers can communicate and have access to data and vital information wherever they are. Talk to anyone, anywhere, any time

Talk to anyone, anywhere, any time

Tait TeamPTT allows firefighters and first responders to call in to their radio network from a smartphone application, so as long as they have an internet connection, they can communicate with dispatch and other field officers from anywhere in the world.

Featured Client Story

Panola County

Panola County dispatches for 14 fire departments and five law enforcement agencies, so communication and collaboration is critical. See how choosing Tait radios for their statewide network solved their major interoperability issues and saved them over $800,000 of taxpayer money.

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Simplify Network Management

Total fleet visibility

Tait EnableFleet gives network managers complete visibility and management of their entire radio fleet from one central point. By knowing the status of your entire network in real-time, you're able to ensure consistent configuration and updates. Our powerful OTAP abilities make configuration and firmware updates a breeze!

Network health monitoring

Tait EnableMonitor gives network managers assurance that their network is operating as expected. Real-time status reports, alerts, and alarms ensure that you can quickly identify and resolve any issues that may occur before they impact your system.

Easily optimize performance

Tait EnableInsight helps you visualize the performance of your network in real-time and utilize this data to optimize outcomes. The monitoring and analysis provided by EnableInsight is automated, reducing the amount of time network managers need to spend overseeing performance.

Smart security

Tait EnableProtect gives network managers several ways to easily protect and ensure the safety of their system. The Advanced System Key feature provides layers of security, giving you confidence that your fleet won't be interfered with by unauthorized users. Key Management Facility centralizes encryption, making it easier to manage and update encryption keys across your organization, and Key Fill Device makes encrypting digital radios efficient and as error-free as possible.

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