EnableProtect:  The smart way to stay secure

Advanced System Key

Securely control the programming of your radio fleet.

EnableProtect Advanced System Key provides you with layers of security, so you can have confidence that no unauthorized users can interfere with your radio fleet.

EnableProtect ASK Diagram Click image to enlarge

EnableProtect Advanced System Key delivers:

  • Authorization – approved users are supplied with USB prime or pass keys to enable system access for read/write protection and/or trunking protection
  • Authentication – passwords and anti-cloning on the pass keys ensure that only the right people can access and program your radio network
  • Accountability – programmable expiry dates and usage limits help to retain control over the prime and pass keys in the field

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EnableFleet Manager ScreenEnableProtect

Moving to Tait portable and mobile radios has allowed us to utilize encrypted talkgroups in the field, meaning in critical times only the appropriate officers are hearing the critical coordination plans for a high risk operation.

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Key Management Facility

Manage encryption across your radio fleet.

EnableProtect Key Management Facility brings the management of your encryption into one central location, making it easier to manage and update the encryption keys used across your organization.

EnableProtect KMF/KDF Diagram Click image to enlarge

EnableProtect Key Management Facility delivers:

  • Centralized key management
  • Standards compliant Over The Air Rekeying (OTAR) of your P25 radio fleet
  • A user-friendly dashboard for clear fleet status information
  • Secure, intuitive web-based user interface for set and forget operation
  • Remote inhibit/permit radios

Key Fill Device

Encrypt your radios in-field with ease.

EnableProtect Key Fill Device makes encrypting digital radios as efficient and error-free as possible, ensuring that encryption specialists and radio technicians can manage their workflow with ease.

EnableProtect Key Fill Device delivers:

  • Secure in-field encryption management
  • Available for android operating systems
  • Standards compliance
  • An intuitive user interface
  • A rugged device to withstand the harshest environments
  • Fast key fill for easy deployment of keys on multiple radios

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