Flexibility, Freedom of Choice, Value for Money

Open Standards Interoperability

Open standards such as P25, DMR, TCP/IP and LTE offer you freedom of choice and avoids the pitfalls of proprietary hardware and software. Tait has earned a reputation as a vendor with genuine support for standards-based solutions. We advocate industry standards and play an active part in designing, refining and implementing those standards.

Open standards offer numerous benefits, including;

Open Standards Interoperability
  • Ability to communicate with partner agencies and organisations,
  • Value for money through competitive procurement,
  • Value throughout the life of your investment, not locked in to a single vendor, able to choose the right mix of equipment for the job
  • Ecosystem of complementary solutions and applications (such as Tait Technology Partners that also support open standards and multi-vendor compatibility).

Easier integration with your ICT systems

Tait solution architecture utilizes the Internet protocol TCP/IP, enabling easier integration with ICT systems used throughout your organisation. Tait uses secured HTTPS ports for network elements, web based configuration and management applications, and uses SNMPv3 for remote monitoring solutions.

Wireless Broadband Standards

Many Tait solutions integrate and utilise a variety of standards based broadband protocols such as WiFi (IEEE 802.11), and 3GPP technologies known as 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G.

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Secure Critical Communications

Open standards do not mean they are lacking in security! Tait solutions apply numerous security and encryption protocols to be fit-for-purpose for critical communications; programming security tools are available, SNMPv3 is used for secure monitoring solutions, and Tait Services are IS027001 certified.

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