Speaking Up

Whistleblowing and Confidential Reporting


At Tait we promote the highest standard of ethical and legal behavior through our policies, business practices and our conduct. Central to this is our commitment to promote and maintain a transparent and open culture to ensure that our employees and our customers, contractors, suppliers, partners or users of our products ('Stakeholders') are able to report in good faith any action or situation that breaches or could potentially breach Tait policies or any other legal obligation that Tait may have (Disclosure).


At Tait we acknowledge that transparency and openness would not be possible without our Stakeholders having an ability to report any Disclosures without fear of retaliation, sanction, censure, penalty (or any similar disadvantage). This policy sets out our process for notifying Tait of any concerns and the steps that we will take to investigate concerns. It is also our commitment to our Stakeholders on how we will handle a Disclosure.

Ethics and Reporting

Our Ethics – Code of Business Conduct Policy establishes the baseline expectations for our employees conduct and our Supplier code of conduct establishes the same for our supply chain.

Our employee Whistleblowing Policy encourages all employees to report all known or suspected breaches of our policies or legal requirements. We will investigate all Disclosures received in good faith and we will not tolerate any form of retaliation against any person who has made a Disclosure.

All investigations will be conducted according to principles of natural justice remaining unbiased and impartial.

Disclosures may also be sent by letter to:

The Ethics Officer
c/- Tait International Limited
245 Wooldridge Road
New Zealand

Or via email: ethics@taitcommunications.com, where your Disclosure will be monitored by a Senior Legal team member.

Any matter relating to the conduct of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer or General Counsel must be reported to the Chairman of the board by sending a letter to:

The Chairman
Tait International limited
245 Wooldridge Road
New Zealand

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