Demand Side Management with Tait FloLink

At peak times, irrigation pumps put substantial load onto rural electricity distribution networks. Irrigation peaks tend to coincide with peak demand for air conditioning and other services and this can put the network at risk of outage.

Tait's innovative FloLink solution provides grid operators with a cost effective solution to the irrigation load challenge – Demand side management of individual irrigation pumps over your existing private radio network.

Demand Side Management with Tait FloLink

Tait FloLink provides precise and verified on/off control of individual irrigation pumps in real time. This enables managed shut down of individual pumps, or groups of irrigation pumps during times of network duress to ensure uninterrupted power delivery to priority consumers including residential dwellings and milking sheds.

This unique Tait Solution can be integrated directly into your existing SCADA system, or it can be run in parallel via the intuitive FloLink desktop interface.

The two way communication provided by FloLink also facilitates sequential irrigator load restoration following outage events.

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