Tait TN9300 trunked networks

The TN9300 sits at the heart of all Tait DMR tier 3 trunked network solutions and is responsible for establishing the calls for the entire radio fleet. Tait designs, builds and tests DMR tier 3 trunked networks to the highest quality standards. We are committed to DMR open-standards, which ensure opportunities for multi-vendor solutions with standardized interfaces.

Key Features

- Scalable and flexible for efficient and cost-effective network design

- Large DMR networks are scalable up to 20 nodes and 1000RF channels.

- Remote management for greater operational efficiency

Tait TN9300 trunked networks

- Robust design provides multiple levels of redundancy for reliable communications

- Secure communications

- Improved workforce safety and efficiency with flexible voice and data management

- Future proofed to protect your investment

- Multiple interfaces – DIP, AIS, SIP, PSTN/PABX, Voice Recorder

Learn more and access the specifications for the TN9300.