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Tait DMR radio solutions are designed to the globally recognized and defined ETSI DMR open standard. We advocate DMR industry standards and play an active role in designing, refining and implementing those standards.

What does open standards technology mean for your business?

Simply put… you can plug in open standards technologies from different vendors to add value to your solution, whereas proprietary technologies usually require additional proprietary solutions to add functionality to your solution.

Simplify your options by choosing open standards technology

Our DMR Tier 3 solution provides an open-standard foundation for electrical utilities to build a fully connected and secure enterprise with improved voice, data, location services and vehicle telemetry communications.

Tait DMR Tier 3 enables electrical utilities to:

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12.5 kHz Deadline #1:
01 November 2015

12.5 kHz Deadline #1: 01 November 2015

By November 2015, all current licence holders of 25 kHz analogue voice LMR channels, below 470MHz, in the VHF and UHF LMR bands in New Zealand must narrowband.

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