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Tait Communications can offer you freedom and flexibility with our adherence to open standards and commitment to interoperability.

Open Standards

Many Public Safety agencies now understand the constraints of proprietary functionality. Here at Tait we are committed to open-standards technology to deliver mission critical communications to you, the customer. Our open standards design and approach delivers greater choice, increased vendor competition and genuine interoperability across your network.

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Key to the effective operation of mission critical communications is the ability of Public Safety agencies to interoperate on all levels. Tait P25 delivers proven, standards based communication solutions to ensure that front line personnel can communicate with multiple agencies and adjacent public safety networks with ease and confidence. 

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Tait P25 Solutions

Mission critical radio systems operate in a demanding and fast changing Public Safety environment. With 40 years mission critical radio experience, Tait understands the operational, regulatory, funding and spectrum challenges faced by Public Safety operators. We have engineered the Phase 2 upgradeable Tait P25 platform to exceed your expectations at every level from reliability and affordability to coverage and interoperability.

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Grant County, WA, USA

Grant County, WA, USA

“We moved to P25 because the technology was standards based. We did not want to go down the proprietary vendor technology route."

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