Location Controlled Automation

Tait GeoFencing

Tait mobiles and portables are capable of location controlled workflow automation. This powerful capability increases efficiency and worker safety by triggering tasks based on predefined locations. Geographic areas and boundaries can be programmed to automatically trigger actions, independent of the network, dispatch, or any other software applications.

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What is Tait GeoFencing?

Tait mobile and portable radios are equipped with GNSS satellite positioning capability, which enables many optional features. Your Tait radio fleet can be programmed to trigger custom automated workflows when devices enter or exit specific locations within your operational area. These predefined locations, or geofences, can trigger actions based on hazards, restricted access areas, speed limits, or any other location specific behavior. These automations lower the impact of human error in the workplace, improving worker safety and efficiency.

Solving Common Problems

Tait GeoFencing utilizes satellite positioning to solve a myriad of common workplace issues. Tait GeoFencing allows Utilities and Public Safety personnel to seamlessly transition between networks when on the move, automatically switching between network coverage based on location and signal strength. Hazardous worksites such as mines can configure geofenced areas to alert work personnel when entering a hazardous zone. Tait GeoFencing enhances work personnel safety without putting any extra strain on your radio network.

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Featured Client Story

Large Central City Campus, London, UK

The large central London campus is a 22-acre site and sits south of the river Thames. It is a vast and lively mixed-use environment with office, retail, and open spaces, along with private residential apartments. Security staff use Tait GeoFencing to plot areas where entry sounds an alarm or activates Lone Worker mode.

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Tait GeoFencing Capable Products

Both Tait DMR and P25 ranges include mobile and portable radio options that support Tait GeoFencing. Whatever industry you’re in, and technology you’re using, there’s a solution that works for you.

Tait DMR and P25 Radios
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