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Tait Service Advantage

Best practices for ensuring service continuity across organizations directs communications professionals to be in a constant state of moving the reactive to proactive.

Tait Service Advantage is a unique blend of services and tools that enables communications professionals to work proactively towards ensuring predictable delivery of service.

Tait Service Advantage extends well beyond warranty entitlements and technical support plans found in the market today, by providing real-time access to meaningful services and tools traditionally available only to the manufacturer.

Tait Service Advantage includes:

  • 24 X 7 Service Desk 24 X 7 Service Desk

    24 X 7 Service Desk with Service Level Agreements

    Connect with Tait Support Engineers 24 hours a days, 7 days a week for reporting, recording and resolution of incidents. Engineers work to published Service Level Agreements (SLA) for response and service restoration – ensuring your priority becomes theirs.

    Tait Support Engineers perform problem resolution activities ranging from end-user assistance to remote diagnostics, all the while updating status, notes and results viewable in your custom online service account.

  • 24 X 7 Online Service Portal 24 X 7 Online Service Portal

    24 X 7 Online Service Portal

    Proactively manage service cases, download software updates, access support documentation and utilize service applications online – anytime.

    Using a web browser and secure login, access your customized online service portal to create new, track active, and review past service cases – generating a comprehensive view of service performance.

    Download firmware and software updates as well as calibration and service kits used to configure, diagnose and update your communications equipment – proactively managing your equipment when convenient for you.

    Leverage comprehensive technical documentation including guides for installation, integration, service and use, as well as technical notes and product specifications – developing a repository of knowledge within your organization.


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  • Software Maintenance Software Maintenance

    Software Maintenance

    Proactively prevent faults, improve performance and adapt to changing environments by accessing current releases of firmware and software. Full version releases with new features – not just point release bug fixes – are regularly available and fully supported so you get the maximum advantage when you decide to update your communications system.

    With each new release, you receive an email alert and courtesy phone call from a Tait Support Engineer announcing its availability and discussing updates that may offer helpful preventative measures based on your system.

  • Warranty Repair Warranty Repair

    Warranty Repair

    Feel secure in knowing Tait is intentionally organized to ensure the most rewarding experience for you. We design, manufacturer and quality control all our own products – not outsourcing to low-cost bidders - so we can confidently deliver with the highest quality of materials and workmanship in the industry.

    In the event a defect is found, Tait will promptly correct the problem through free repair or replacement and resolve the issue back down to the manufacturing floor. We're that committed to quality and your satisfaction.

  • 24 X 7 Asset Management 24 X 7 Asset Management

    24 X 7 Asset Management

    Proactively track, manage and maintain your communications assets using Tait tools.

    With access to a web browser, users log into a secure environment to perform tasks such as storing asset identification, location and ownership information – keeping everything in one place.

"We've seen a huge improvement since we've been working with Tait products and services."

Luke Hamson

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