Anywhere Asset Manager

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Easily Track, Manage and Maintain Your Communications Assets

Having immediate and ubiquitous access to accurate data is fundamental to effective asset management.

Digitizing and centralizing information that can be easily searched, updated and reported anywhere and at any time takes the guesswork out of decision-making and makes for a more accountable, efficient and profitable operation.

Using a log book or flat file spreadsheet to manage assets prevents simultaneous use, invites security risk and struggles to record device-level transaction detail over time. And broad-based, standard asset management offerings don't fully capture the unique requirements of a radio communications operation, resulting in low user adoption and overall value. Neither meets the need of the radio communications professional.

Anywhere Asset Manager

Anywhere Asset Manager is a database-driven, subscription-based, hosted asset management solution built specifically for radio communications professionals. With access to a web-browser, users log into a secure environment to track, manage and maintain any type of asset from any manufacturer.

  • Store asset identification, location and ownership information – keeping everything in one place
  • Track asset transfer, status change, and maintenance events – building a complete history of activity
  • Save user- and system-defined information per device – ensuring customizations stay in place
  • Track purchase cost and warranty status – providing a view to financial performance

High User Adoption

Available from any computer or device—anytime, anywhere – anyone familiar with web browsing can quickly find what's needed with a few simple instructions. No system training required.

No Start-Up Cost or IT Support

A hosted solution means you start using the web-accessible system the first day with no upfront cost or IT support required. And the system can scale to meet your growing needs without worrying about increased hardware or network bandwidth costs.

Smart Pay Per Asset Pricing

Skip user license fees and pay only for what you use. Paying per asset allows even the smallest organization to access the service and encourages wide participation from multiple users – which keeps data fresh and relevant.

Track Asset Identification, Location and Ownership Information

A place for everything and everything in one place. Store and search a wide variety of device-level information ranging from serial number to location. Speed search results by combining criteria like agency and category.

Manage Changes to Asset Information in Real-Time

Keep data fresh and accurate. Make changes to asset information such as ownership, alias and status in real-time, so everyone always has access to the most updated records.

Maintain Asset Transfer, Status Change and Maintenance Event History

Know where everything is and has been. Automatically build a complete history of all transactions around a single asset. Record and timestamp detailed notes for each transaction.

Search, Export and Generate Flexible Reports

Reporting just got easy. Execute a search, click the export button and save the results in standard data file formats for use in a variety of report-generation packages.