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Why choose Tait Design Services?

Expert design …

Expert design …

Deep industry understanding and four decades of system design experience inform every solution design. Optimized availability, stability and performance across the communications network means workers are safer and more efficient, and communities are protected, with reliable communications they can trust.

Align your communications solution

Align your communications solution with your broader organizational objectives.

Tait Design Engineers engage with your organization to analyse and specify requirements that can contribute directly to strategic objectives. As a result, your radio communications can produce measurable performance efficiencies, increased productivity and safety.

Reduce your capital expenditure

Reduce your capital expenditure by extending the life of your equipment.

Legacy equipment can be retained and reused, with custom interfaces and gateways between existing and new technologies. Staged migration keeps legacy equipment in operation for a longer useful life, delaying capital expenditure and aligning with budget and funding cycles. Optimally-positioned sites can significantly reduce capital expenditure. Tait coverage experts will accurately assess your coverage needs for a more cost-effective solution that requires fewer sites and less infrastructure. Customized equipment can operate according to familiar processes and protocols, reducing training requirements and increasing user adoption and acceptance.

Key Design Services

System Design

Scopes and designs your communications solution.

Coverage Design

Proven communications availability and reliability wherever you need it.

Migration Planning

Design and plan a seamless transition to your new network, to your timing and budget.


Your requirements dictate the design of each network element.

"Now we can talk on our portable radios in areas where we have never been able to in the past. The system has exceeded our expectations."

Wayne McCamish

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