Change Management

The rapid pace of evolution requires organizations to adapt. In a fast paced world, the only way to stay ahead is to get things right the first time.

Deliberate, proactive Change Management enables you to maximize the positive impact of technology investments by accelerating their adoption within your organization to maximize utilization and your return on investment.

Technology investments, while made to solve a particular problem, will typically also disrupt current business processes and people. This impact (the beginning of the "change process") is what requires focused attention from experts.

The challenge of supporting your organization throughout the change process, enabling them to adapt and embrace the changes, achieve the expected return on investment, maintain morale, and build change resilience into your workforce to support the next change that comes along, is where Tait experts can help.

Tait provides a structured Change Methodology to address all aspects of a technology change by:

  • Reduce the risks associated with technology investments
    Complementary to Project Management, Change Management focuses on the "human" aspect of change and provides organizations with an economical solution to reduce the risks associated with technology investments. By identifying and addressing the issues that are slowing or blocking the adoption and rapid utilization of the technology, Change Management can save your business considerable time and expense.
  • Improve change agility
    Organizations need to have the capability to regularly respond to technology advances and evolve with these changes. Building change resilience into your workforce will support your organizational evolution into the future.

If you'd like to learn more about Change Management, then please view Jo Hardwick's keynote from the free educational seminar: A Guide to Change, which Tait hosted in partnership with APCO Australasia.

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