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Required Professional Engineering services are performed by independent consultants.

Tait Services

World-class engineering and comprehensive services deliver solutions that demonstrate genuine understanding of the challenges your organisation faces.

You will experience the flexibility to customize your network to exacting requirements and the freedom to work with your preferred suppliers and technologies. That means enhanced network performance, positive user adoption, mitigated risks and safer workers - and an enduring, collaborative partnership for the life of your network.

Design Services

Expertise, technologies, tools and ideas to deliver a communication solution that guarantees the outcomes you seek.

Deploy Services

There are many things that go into deploying Seamless, streamlined and trouble-free implementation.

Support Services

Ongoing assurance and expert support for your people and your equipment.

Managed Services

A range of configurable modules are available with Tait Managed Services, allowing you, regardless of your business size and complexity, to benefit from a tailored approach to suit your specific requirements.

Tait Services Brochure

Find out how Tait Services can benefit your organization, reducing capital expenditure, keeping your network optimized and improving user adoption.

I’ve worked with a lot of different companies over the years and I have never worked with a company as customer-focused as Tait.

Steve Schmidt, IT Manager, City of San Luis Obispo