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Providing security services shouldn’t be a technology gamble. Critical communications solutions from Tait have proven trustworthy for 50 years. Connect staff and assets securely via radio, laptops, smartphones, sensors, or use vehicles as remote wireless communication hubs. Connect a security guard in a crowd of 50,000 football fans, or a fire alarm in a hotel, with secure, custom solutions. No matter what you’re entrusted to protect, Tait solutions can enhance the safety and efficiency of your operations.

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Tait Security Solutions

  • Dispatcher Software

    Dispatcher Software

    To effectively manage commercial properties, recreation parks or retail outlets, security staff need access to reliable comms 24/7. The Tait Campus Security Solution ensures staff stays connected to the Security Control Room (SCR) through multiple bearers.

  • Fire Alarm Integration

    Fire Alarm Integration

    To ensure a swift and coordinated response to fire emergencies on campus, you need robust fire alarm integrations. The Tait Campus Security solution allows you to wirelessly link the fire alarms of remote buildings to the Security Control Room.

  • GeoFencing


    With GeoFencing, you can enhance the safety of your staff and improve efficiency by automating tasks based on GPS location. With the Tait Campus Security Solution, radios can be programmed to independently and automatically use their own location data to trigger pre-configured actions.

  • Lone Worker

    Lone Worker

    To ensure the safety of remotely working staff, busy campuses need smart critical communications to stay connected. The Tait Campus Security solution provides automated Lone Worker safety features to give staff peace of mind in an emergency.

  • Tait TeamPTT

    Tait TeamPTT

    On a busy campus, events can happen quickly, so it's vital for staff to stay connected. The Tait Campus Security solution provides enhanced access to instant communications and information. It connects radio, cellular and WiFi networks so that users on any of these networks can talk to each other using a portable radio or smartphone.

Campus Security Solutions

We understand the challenging scenarios that campus security personnel face. Events can happen quickly, and staff need to have technology close at hand that they can trust and rely upon. Communication is essential. The faster people can communicate, the quicker a situation can be de-escalated and resolved. Ensuring safety is not just achieved through both reactive and proactive counter-measures. Tait solutions can achieve these outcomes in a variety of ways.

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Critical Communications for the Security Industry

The security industry has seen a trend of shifting away from integrated solutions to technology purchased on the internet in a ‘build your own’ style. This opens the door to information security breaches, as this equipment is not always reliable and often does not meet performance requirements. This article explores the benefits of critical communications for the security industry.

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Client Story

City Campus in London

In busy inner city environments, events can happen quickly, and staff need to have technology close at hand that they can trust and rely upon. To provide reliable campus-wide communications to a large city campus in central London struggling with coverage, Tait designed a system that keeps their staff connected anywhere and anytime.

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