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Supercharge the performance of your existing or new Tait mobile radio with the new Tait UnifyVehicle platform. UnifyVehicle provides a vehicle area network that combines mobile radio and broadband connectivity with an on-board edge computing and application platform. The following benefits discuss how UnifyVehicle can help improve your business.

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Why choose UnifyVehicle?

Connected Like Never Before

Connected Like Never Before

Few things are more frustrating for business and mission critical organizations than not being able to communicate. As technology convergence increases complexity and puts added demands on your communication system, consider the UnifyVehicle platform to keep you connected. UnifyVehicle creates a network of networks, including Land Mobile Radio, WiFi, wireless broadband, bluetooth, and more. Users can continue using the device they find most natural and connect through the strongest possible network.

Take Your WiFi with you

Take Your WiFi with you

UnifyVehicle turns your mobile radio into a vehicle area network through WiFi, and connect your vehicle to other WiFi networks. Connected users can access the cellular/LTE network and enjoy better coverage through the UnifyVehicle antenna than their devices would provide alone. Officers or workers in remote locations can receive and report job information, right from their vehicles, even to the edge of coverage. Improve productivity and safety by ensuring your team is well prepared for the task at hand.

More Computing Power

Edge Computing Power

The UnifyVehicle platform supports a Linux operating system and has sufficient memory and operating speed to run multiple applications at the same time. Direct local connectivity with the LMR mobile's processing platform allows many of the available features to be accessed and manipulated to improve communications experience.

Tait AppBuilder

Tait AppBuilder

The AppBuilder is a purpose-designed tool to easily program and control various aspects of the UnifyVehicle functions and connectivity. You can build your own behavior so that UnifyVehicle operates just the way you need it to, in relation to the other devices, networks and applications that you’re connected to.

Upgrade your existing Tait Mobiles

Upgrade your existing Tait Mobiles

UnifyVehicle hardware can be added to your new or existing Tait TM9400 or TM9300 radios. You can enjoy the benefits and powerful new functionality at a fraction of the cost of a new radio rollout, and get much more from your existing investment for many years to come.


UnifyVehicle Applications

Remote Application

Some radio networks may not have portable radio coverage, or the ability to afford portable radios for all their workers. Using the Remote app on Android devices, a user can connect to their vehicle’s mobile radio via WiFi. They can then monitor and join conversations while away from the vehicle, and even make emergency calls over the radio network.

OTAP over WiFi

Using Tait EnableFleet, mobile and portable radio configurations and firmware can be updated over the Tait radio network. UnifyVehicle, however, also allows you to use an available WiFi connection, reducing the load on the LMR network and improving the speed and ease of updating the entire fleet. No need to connect wires to vehicles or take people off the road, just connect to the WiFi network and make the updates with ease.

Bluetooth Tagging

Ever had someone forgot something expensive? You can tag items like a Utility Worker’s splicer or an Officer’s tablet. If something get’s left behind, they’ll receive an alert. Keep track of equipment and don’t waste money on needless replacements.

On-Board Voice Recording

On-board voice recording enables an audit or post incident review of transmissions sent and received through UnifyVehicle - especially simplex or direct mode transmissions. While many radio systems have voice recording for all network traffic, those systems are not able to record off-network calls. Voice recordings can be downloaded via a WIFi connection.

Technical specifications

Supported Devices

Tait TM9300, Tait TM9400

Operating System

Linux (OpenEmbedded)


WiFi 802.11G, 3G, LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, Ethernet


ARM Cortex A8, 600MHz, 1GB Flash, 512MB DDR3, factory fitted SD Memory

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