New Zealand fuel solutions provider Allied Petroleum automated the collection and reporting of tanker truck fuel levels and location data, ensuring accurate billing and quicker access to this information in emergencies.

In the past, Allied Petroleum had to rely on an inconsistent Bluetooth® dongle connection to report on its tankers’ fuel levels. This could cause productivity and safety issues, as billing dockets and Hazardous Substances registration data were open to error. Allied Petroleum ensured the accuracy of their fuel and location data by installing TAIT AXIOM mobile devices to automate the process and leverage reliable multi-bearer connectivity.

Now, fuel level and GPS data is automatically sent to the cloud so dispatch can instantly see how much, where and when fuel is offloaded. In-truck printers also have access to this information to create accurate delivery dockets for customers and data for Hazardous Substances reports. When trucks are outside cellular coverage, the TAIT AXIOM mobile device stores the data and sends it when a signal is re-established.

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