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Highlighted Features for TWX550 | TWX500

  • Maximum Connectivity

    Always in Contact

    Designed to ensure information always gets through, automatically switching to the strongest signal using WiFi, dual SIM LTE or LMR.

    TWX550 | TWX500 Maximum Connectivity
  • Ergonomically Enjoyable

    Lighten Things Up

    Compact and lightweight with speaker mic-like uniform mounting, and without the uncomfortable cost or weight of a hybrid LMR/broadband portable radio.

    TWX550 | TWX500 Ergonomically Enjoyable
  • Intuitive Operation

    Zero Learning Curve

    Heads-up operational controls, like a rotary dial and dedicated buttons, are second nature to long-time radio users and easy to learn for new users.

    TWX550 | TWX500 Intuitive Operation
  • Exceptional Audio

    Cut thru the Noise

    Hear and be heard, even in the most extreme environments, using a powerful 3W speaker, active noise canceling and three microphones.

    TWX550 | TWX500 Exceptional Audio
  • Delightful Display

    Everything in View

    Full-color OLED display screen keeps you fully- informed at-a-glance and is easily seen in direct sunlight or while wearing polarized glasses.

    TWX550 | TWX500 Delightful Display
  • Rechargeable Battery

    Keep Moving Forward

    Powerful internal battery provides continuous uptime throughout a full 12-hour shift, with in-field charging options when you need an overtime boost.

    TWX550 | TWX500 Rechargeable Battery

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