TB7300 Base Station/Repeater

The Tait TB7300 provides a 1U slimline, 100% duty cycle, and cost effective base station. Offering multi-mode capability for a flexible platform for communications in conventional analog, analog simulcast IP, MPT-IP, P25 or DMR networks. Seamless integration with Tait TB9300 and TB9400 series base stations, along with remote network management, make the TB7300 an excellent choice for network migrations, new deployments and expansion requirements.

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TB7300 Base Station/Repeater

Why choose TB7300?

Conveniently Compact

Conveniently Compact

The slim 1U TB7300 is easy to transport and install; an ideal choice when space for RF equipment is limited. It operates as a multi-mode repeater, and is an economical solution with real estate savings.

High Performance

High Performance

The TB7300 is a Base station/Repeater with a high performance Base Station receiver. Your organization will enjoy excellent audio quality when transmitting and receiving audio. Like our other products, it is engineered to the Tait Tough quality and performance.

Network Data Services

Network Data Services

The TB7300 supports current and future data services, embedded location data, and short data messages for location, status and text. It also increases efficiency by supporting packet data for workforce management, Telemetry, SCADA and customer specific applications.

A future-defensive investment

A smart investment, made to evolve

The TB7300 is a cost-effective base station/repeater that can operate in DMR Tier 2 mode, with two available voice channels, or DMR Tier 3 single-site trunking mode for even better resource management. It also supports analog conventional mode (repeater only). You can change from one mode of operation to another, providing you flexibility in network design and scalability, allowing your network to easily expand to suit the needs of your organization

Efficient power consumption

Efficient power consumption

The TB7300 operates with reduced power demand and is very efficient in the Tait Tier 2 Multisite System with Tait terminals.

Integrated solution component

Integrated solution component

The Tait TB7300 is an element of global network architecture. This multi-mode base station supports all major expected features, including Tait Enable suite, the 9300 series equipment, and all Tait partner solutions (dispatch consoles/voice recorders, location solutions, multi-network connectivity and many others.)

Extensive Diagnostics

Extensive Diagnostics

Diagnostic features supported by the TB7300 include spectrum Monitor, SNMP Management Capability, and a web UI driven for both RF and Network.



Control, customize, and enhance base station operations with TaskBuilder, by creating rules that extend the functionality of the base station. Rules can control channel changes, digital outputs, timers, and alarms, based on events and external signals.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Bands

VHF: 136-174MHz and 148-174MHz
UHF: 400MHz-470MHz and 470-520MHz

Tait Tough

Military Standards for altitude, humidity, vibration and shock. Operating temperature of -22º to 140ºF (-30º to 60ºC).

Output Power

VHF: Programmable 2 - 50W
UHF: Programmable 2 - 40W

Receiver Sensitivity

(DMR) ETS 300-113
Typical: -122dBm (0.18μV) @ 5% BER
Guaranteed: -120dBm (0.22μV) @ 5% BER




Dimensions: (DxWxH)
15.8 x 19 x 1.7in (400 x 483 x 44mm) 1U Rack Space
Weight lb (kg) 14.8lb (6.7kg)

TB7300 Transportable Repeater

The Tait TB7300 Transportable Repeater is a multi-mode platform: Analog conventional, MPT, DMR and P25. The TB7300 provides dual mode analog/ P25 and P25 conventional operation with DFSI interface.

Download TB7300 Transportable Repeater Specifications

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