TM8000 Data Mobiles

TM8000 Data – Overview

The Tait TM8000 mobiles are reliable and high performance mobile radios. Easy to integrate and to customize, each is ideal for voice and data communications. Even a simple system represents a long-term investment that can be adapted as your business needs evolve.

The Tait TM8000 mobile radio range includes a range of products designed specifically to support the development of business solutions for the rapidly growing mobile data market. Tait's TM8000 data mobile offering includes solutions to suit a range of industries and applications such as utilities, transportation and AVL integration.

All TM8000 data radios can easily connect to external modems through a choice of interfaces, whilst also including built-in data modems. The TM8105 is part of Tait's conventional mobiles range, while the TM8252 operates in dual mode.

The TM8252 has a MAP27 interface as standard with no additional hardware needed. This makes the radio a cost-effective building block in end-to-end radio communication solutions.

Data mobile highlights:

  • 25W, 40W (UHF), 50W (VHF) power output
  • Voice and data capable
  • Easy to integrate and customize
  • Rugged construction and robust RF performance
  • Built-in modems
  • Optional 12kbps high speed data modem
  • Direct Connect GPS

Looking for TM8000 Conventional Mobiles 
or TM8000 MPT 1327 Mobiles?

Download the TM8252 specifications sheet (PDF) for more detailed information.

Download the TM8105 specifications sheet (PDF) for more detailed information.

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White Paper

The limitations of data-only services for transport providers

Over the last few years, an increasing amount of data is being transmitted to and from public transport vehicles. This white paper considers the benefits of voice communications in public transport operations.

Why choose Tait MPT

When you plan for future communications in partnership with Tait, an expert team is right there at each stage, designing, managing and supporting the changes.

Working to your organization's timeframe, migrating network communications is seamless, minimizing impact on budget and service.

MPT is the most successful trunked mobile radio technology worldwide, suiting the needs of our global customers due to its flexibility and efficiency benefits. Tait has a long and distinguished track record in developing this technology and offering the MPT-IP (MPT 1327) trunking network with an impressive range of features that include:

  • remote network management
  • efficient deployment of radio channels
  • scalable infrastructure from single site to nationwide
  • a wide range of open standard terminal products
  • seamless migration paths to digital technology
  • individual, group (team) or broadcast (all-informed) calls
  • PSTN and PABX telephone access
  • MAP27 data interface
  • call diversion and forwarding
  • priority handling of emergency calls
  • status messages
  • a short message service for dispatch or job information
  • a polling channel providing efficient location updates for large fleets, which can co-exist with voice operation.