TaitNet MPT Trunked Networks Overview

Over the years, TaitNet MPT has been extensively developed to the leading trunked radio communication system it is today. Anticipating the changes in the market, flexibility, scalability and modularity have been developed into the TaitNet MPT range in readiness for changing business needs and emerging digital technologies.

MPT is the most successful trunked mobile radio technology deployed and Tait has a long and distinguished track record in developing this technology, offering the MPT-IP (MPT 1327) trunking network. The benefits of control, efficiency and cost-effectiveness have been proven. Tried and tested technology eases migration, low operating and maintenance costs reduces the overall cost of ownership, whilst ease of integration with third party equipment improves flexibility. Continuing innovation from Tait ensures your choice is well-supported in the long term.


  • Tried and tested technology
  • Seamless migration, on your terms
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Full range of terminals/subscriber units available
  • Tait services to design, deploy and support
  • IP-based infrastructure
  • High-performance

Seamless migration, on your terms

Protecting your investment is extremely important - and Tait recognizes this. Our strong focus is to provide our customers with high performing solutions which are also future-proof. This means that our systems are scalable to meet the ever changing business environment, flexible to add functionality for greater efficiency and offer seamless migration to new technologies when business or regulatory demands require it. Buy for today's needs and upgrade tomorrow.

Lower Cost of Ownership

With simplified network design, open standards, tailored support and maintenance packages, remote diagnostics and legacy system support within one cost-effective solution, TaitNet MPT lowers the overall cost of ownership.


TaitNet MPT can grow to meet future needs because of its modular structured platform. Ultimate flexibility with legacy 4 Wire support into the IP backbone of MPT-IP lets you choose how to implement your radio system as time and budget allows.

Full range of terminals/subscriber units

Tait designs, manufactures and integrates the entire solution. From network infrastructure products, mobiles and portables to a comprehensive range of services and integration with third party products. See our full range of MPT Trunked products for more information.

The TaitNet MPT system conforms fully to the MPT 1327 standard and will support other manufacturers MPT 1327 mobiles and portables.

Specifying the right equipment for the task is only part of the challenge

Tait people can ensure your communications solution is designed, deployed and supported in ways that are right for your needs. Beyond specifying the right equipment, there are complex factors that must be considered: ensuring positive user adoption, leveraging current radio assets, managing upgrades, coverage assurance.

While you concentrate on mission-critical operations, serving your customers and protecting your ROI, let Tait focus on resolving your communications issues. Our skilled, experienced people know what it means to deliver value-adding services that mitigate risk, enhance your network performance and ensure your workers' safety.