TB8100 Base Stations/Repeaters Options and Accessories

TB8100 – Options and Accessories

To enhance the functionality and servicing of the TB8100 base station/repeater, there are a number of accessories and options available from Tait.

Such accessories and options include:


A microphone is required for test transmissions. Plugs into the user interface on the front panel. The microphone can be configured to transmit over the air or as line audio.

Applications Boards

E&M Applications Board
Provides TaitNet and E&M signaling together on a 25-way D-range.

Paging Interface Board
The paging applications board makes it possible for the TB8100 to be used in POCSAG paging applications at 512, 1200 and 2400 baud. Modem or delay line operation is not provided, but the TBA101B is designed to interface to paging controllers with these functions.

Software Licenses

Software licenses for the TB8100 are used to enable advanced features of the base station/repeater. Licenses are applied on a per-feature and per-reciter basis. The TB8100 has a range of powerful capabilities, but some of them are only available with a software license. Tait's software licensing system means that you can select and pay for those features that you need rather than buying a base station/repeater that has many features you may not use. This gives you much more flexibility because additional features can be added simply by upgrading the software. You can either order a TB8100 with the features you need already licensed or obtain license keys later on. (The base station/repeater already has these feature sets but it needs license keys to enable them.)


Change-Over Module
The TB8100 Change-over module provides automated failure protection for the Tait TB8100 series of base station/repeater equipment. The module provides the physical change-over mechanics, interfaces to external alarm components and termination points for remote audio connections.

Installation kits contain all the parts for the fitting and interconnecting of the coaxial relay, monitor module and power splitter. The kit includes the coaxial relay, but not the frequency dependent items such as the power splitter.

Tone Remote
Available in single and dual configurations.

Features include alarm monitoring, voting tone generation and simple high-site control.

The tone remote interfaces either a 2-wire or 4-wire leased circuit to the TB8100 base station/repeater, and so enables a dispatch console/desktop controller to control and monitor a remote base station/repeater. The tone remote module is a 2U subrack designed to fit into a standard 19 inch rack. A simple 25-way cable provides all the connections, including DC power from each TB8100 reciter to each module.

Asynchronous Port Switches
Asynchronous port switches allow a single phone line to support up to 31 TB8100 base stations/repeaters (one port is required for connection to local control). This enables service kit access, remote access, monitoring and diagnostics, and automatic dial out to an alarm centre from any one of the connected base stations/repeaters.

Coax Relay Assemblies
Coaxial/antenna relay with fittings and mounting brackets available for the TB8100 as standard and with a tone remote module.

Programming Accessories

Programming Kit
The programming kit contains the service kit, CD and cable.

Programming Cable
The programming cable is available separately.

Service Accessories

Calibration Test Unit
The TB8100 calibration test unit is required for system re-tuning and extremely useful for system test and run-up, especially when commissioning new configurations, and running radio diagnostics.

The calibration test unit comes complete with the necessary cables.

Tool Kit

  • Control Panel Board remover
  • Spanner 5/16
  • Torx-Driver T8
  • Torx-Driver T10
  • Torx-Driver T20
  • Screwdriver Pozidrive 2
  • Screwdriver Blade 5.5mm
  • Tuning Tool Ceramic 2.2mm
  • Tuning Tool 0.9 x 0.4mm
  • Tuning Tools Johanson 8877
  • Nut driver M3 5.5mm
  • Tool bag