TB7100 Base Stations/Repeaters Options and Accessories

TB7100 – Options and Accessories

To test transmissions or enhance your TB7100 base station/repeater, your organization may require a few accessories or optional add-ons.

Such accessories and options include:


A microphone is required for test transmissions, and plugs into the user interface on the front panel. The microphone can be configured to transmit over the air or as line audio.


Tone Remote
The tone remote module enables a despatch console (desktop controller) to control a remote base station/repeater via either a 2-Wire or 4-Wire leased circuit. The tone remote takes up only 2U in a 19 inch rack and can contain one or two tone remote modules.

Service Accessories

Calibration Test Unit
To configure, run-up and test the TB7100 for operation, the calibration test unit is required.

Tool Kit

  • Control Panel Board Remover
  • Spanner 5/16 Torx-Driver T8
  • Torx-Driver T10
  • Torx-Driver T20
  • Screwdriver Pozidrive 2
  • Screwdriver Blade 5.5mm
  • Tuning Tool Ceramic 2.2mm
  • Tuning Tool 0.9 x 0.4mm
  • Tuning Tool Johanson 8877
  • Nut driver M3 5.5mm
  • Tool bag

Programming Accessories

Wall Mount Kit
This kit contains additional brackets and screws to enable wall mounting.

Programming Kit
The programming kit contains service kit, CD and cable.

Programming Cable
The programming cable is available separately.