TaitNet Conventional Analog Networks

With TaitNet conventional analog networks deployed all over the world, the systems are tried and tested. Ideal for many industries, TaitNet conventional analog networks are easily upgraded and are an economical choice when "all-informed" communication is essential for your organization.

The TaitNet conventional analog network range includes small, single-site networks for confined area voice-only communications to larger, wider area networks with a variety of voice and data features.

Based on Tait's reliable, high-performing T800 and TB8100 base station/repeater equipment, TaitNet conventional radio systems can be easily expanded for more coverage and channel capacity, simply by adding more sites.

It is easy to migrate and upgrade to a TaitNet MPT trunked system, and Tait offers a range of mobile radio and base station/repeater equipment for use on conventional systems.

TaitNet Conventional analog highlights:

  • Modular, high specification infrastructure
  • Conventional analog sites can be linked for wider coverage
  • Easily upgradable

QS² simulcast networks

In some applications it is not practical to use a number of channels to cover a wide area where low terminals user numbers are expected. In this case a TaitNet QS² simulcast solution is ideal for the job. QS² offers high quality communications to large areas with only one radio channel being used.

Applications that can be supported on TaitNet conventional analog solutions include:

  • Voice calls to individuals, groups and fleet wide broadcast
  • Data messages to and from vehicles permitting AVL applications
  • Wide area solutions such a QS² simulcast
  • Single vehicle unit or multiple terminal configurations