Business Benefits of a Tait AS-IP Radio System

Analog Simulcast Solution

The TaitNet AS-IP is an Analog Simulcast over IP network solution for Voice and Paging. It is a compact and resilient solution with built-in redundancy and system connectivity.

Best Migration Path to P25

The AS-IP network uses the Tait TB9400 products also used in Tait P25 networks for Phase 1 and Phase 2 operation. This means that the networks can be easily upgraded to P25 in the future with full re-use of hardware and licenses. Since P25 migrations can be completed remotely and only require software/license changes, Tait has the best migration story in town.

Better Coverage

Simulcast transmission provides a means of achieving wide-area coverage with multiple transmitters utilizing a single frequency. In simulcast systems, audio is broadcast simultaneously over a number of transmitters on a single frequency. Essentially, each transmitter in the system transmits exactly the same signal, with the same characteristics, at the same time.

Simulcast is very useful because frequency allocations in many countries are difficult, and reusing the same frequency over a large area is cost-effective and sometimes the only possible way.

Investment Protection

The AS-IP network portfolio, based on the latest TB9400 base station platform, is a compact solution that will grow based on continuous customer needs for Analog and P25 solutions. In other words, the solution only gets better with age.