Analog Simulcast over IP

TaitNet Analog Simulcast (AS-IP) networks are IP-based analog systems that are specifically designed to provide conventional simulcast communications over wide geographic areas. Tait AS-IP provides the best migration path to P25 available, is remarkably easy to set-up, and provides excellent coverage.

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MPT-IP (MPT1327)

TaitNet MPT is a trunked communications solution that meets current regulatory requirements and provides a significant step towards IP-connected digital operations. This digital infrastructure is based on a stable and proven communications technology, with digital linking and IP connectivity. It can be easily and cost-effectively upgraded to a full DMR Tier 3 trunked solution.

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Analog Conventional

Tait offers a range of conventional analog radio systems tailored to meet our customers' specific needs - whether you're a small organization with just a few staff or a large corporate needing wide-area communications across many employees and groups.

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Future-Proof Analog networks for migrating to Digital

We work with many customers who want analog radios today, but might want digital radios tomorrow. Great news, nobody makes migration easier than Tait. Whether you want to go from MPT-IP to DMR Tier 3 or Analog Simulcast to P25, we have a migration path that will keep your life simple.

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