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TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions

The TAIT AXIOM range integrates critical communications systems with the latest technology, converging diverse technologies like LMR, LTE, Satellite, and WiFi. By converging multiple networks, devices and applications, Tait provides simple, secure, and flexible solutions to improve safety and efficiency for your organization. Tait supports open standards and provides platforms that you can build on over time to leverage your investment, delivering value now and in the future.

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Achieve More with your Radio Network

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

Tait Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) voice and data applications allow you to achieve more with your radio network than ever before. Increase worker safety and efficiency with this platform designed for Utilities, Transport, Mining, Oil & Gas, and beyond. Tait offers both DMR Tier 2 (conventional) and DMR Tier 3 (trunked).

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Interoperable radio for public safety sector

P25 Radios

We deliver proven P25 solutions for Public Safety organizations around the world. Tait P25 is a robust, interoperable and secure digital radio solution. With a range of both P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2 open standard-based elements, Tait can provide a complete end-to-end solution to meet your unique organizational requirements.

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Unlock the potential of your radio network

Tait Enable Management Tools

Tait Enable is a revolutionary suite of software and hardware that places control of your radio network firmly in the palm of your hands. Keep track of your radio fleet and know who has each radio, when the last firmware update was, the health of your network, and manage encryption keys. Delete the spreadsheet and unlock the potential of your radio network with Tait Enable.

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Trunked and Conventional Analog Solutions

Analog Radios

Analog radio is still a popular radio standard in many locations around the world. Tait provides several options for analog radio, with trunked and conventional options that are capable of simulcast. Tait provides the simplest migration paths to digital around, so you can future proof your investment if you still want analog today, but might choose digital in the future.

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Options and Accessories

Take a look at the range of accessories available for Tait radios. These catalogs include detailed item descriptions and order codes to simplify purchasing specific accessories.

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