Transportable Base Station/Repeater: Ready for any event

The rugged, transportable P25 base station/repeater is designed for mission-critical use in disasters, tactical missions and crime scenes.

Extend your current P25 wide area coverage or set up a dedicated communications network on-site in minutes with the Tait P25 transportable repeater.

Robust, reliable and secure, the Tait P25 transportable base station/repeater delivers all the trusted features of the TB9100 base station, in a rugged, waterproof Pelican briefcase.

Key features:

- Operation in VHF, UHF and 700/800MHz bands

- Dual mode interoperability for seamless switching between analog and P25 digital

P25 Transportable Base Station

- Ensured continuity of service with smart AC/DC switching

- Remote monitoring via the built-in Task Manager

- Choose a case color that suits the application

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