TP9400 P25 Portable: Rugged, feature-rich and critical communications-grade 

P25 Solutions - portable radio 

The TP9400 is one of the smallest and lightest critical communications grade P25 portable radios on the market.

TP9400s are tough, designed specifically for rugged environments and uncompromised worker safety.

Versatile for all P25 networks, the TP9400 includes analog or P25 Phase 1 digital conventional mode, Phase 1 digital trunked, and is software-upgradable to P25 Phase 2 trunked operation.


- Available in VHF and 700/800MHz frequency bands

- P25 Phase 2 capability (software-upgradable)

- Lithium-ion battery technology for long term performance

- Three programmable function keys for fast access to the most commonly used features

- A programmable emergency key at the base of the antenna for easy access in an emergency.

- Internal GPS

- Bluetooth enabled

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