Tait TN9400 TB9400 Rack


TN9400 Core Network: Intelligent, reliable and robust:

Tait P25 TN9400 trunked networks are IP-based digital systems designed to provide P25 open standards compliant mission-critical communications over wide geographic areas. 

Tait P25 TN9400 trunked networks are extremely resilient, with multiple levels of redundancy for reliable communications you can depend on.

The highly flexible and scalable design of the Tait TN9400 allows your organization to deploy cost-effective infrastructure to meet your communication and operational needs, now, and in the future.

Key features:

- P25 Phase 1 trunked and trunked simulcast operation

-  Upgradable to P25 Phase 2 operation (with the TB9400) 

- Console connections via the CSSI or Trunked Analog Gateway(TAG)- Interoperability with other agencies via the ISSI

- Remote management for greater operational efficiency

- PSTN Gateway to allow telephone connectivity

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