Mobile Strategy and Management

Providing your workers with the most productive voice and data communications tools requires more than just rolling out devices and applications.

Tait provides services that will help you to assess which business and mission critical applications will give you the greatest return and improve your effectiveness.  This starts with matching your field staff roles to work processes, your governance model, security policy and a communications architecture that best suits you.

Tait can support the development of custom applications and integrate these into your existing back office systems.  We can also help manage your radio fleet and smart devices to ensure they are rolled out seamlessly to your staff and the data is always secure.

Tait services include:

- Mobile strategy assessment and planning

- Policy development

- Security architecture

- Application consulting

- Application development

- Mobile device management

Engage with Tait to benchmark your organization's mobile capabilities against industry standards to see where you stack up and how to bring more value to your remote workers.