What are EC Declarations of Conformity?

The OFCOM (UK) Guidance for Manufacturers on the Introduction of the Radio Equipment Directive states the following:

Manufacturer's Responsibility

It is important to be aware that the responsibility for ensuring that the requirements of the Directive are met lies with the manufacturer, or in the case of equipment manufactured outside the EU, the company or persons within the EU that have placed the equipment on the EU market.

Where a company is marketing a product manufactured outside the EU and has no involvement in importation, it is the responsibility of the wholesaler/importer to ensure that the requirements of the Directive are met.

It is also the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that the equipment being marketed has the CE marking affixed and has adequate information and instructions containing the equipments intended use, a Declaration of Conformity and, for radio equipment, details of countries the where product is to be marketed.

In the case of telecommunications terminal equipment, information should be provided identifying the interfaces of the public telecommunications networks to which the equipment is intended to be connected.

The whole 14 page document may be seen at: http://www.ofcom.org.uk/static/archive/ra/topics/conformity/document/rtte/rtteman/rtteman.htm