European Declarations of Conformity

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Tait Mobiles include the TM8000 and TM9000 series products.

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Base Stations/Repeaters

The Tait Base Station Repeaters product family covers the TB8100, TB9400, TB9300 and TB9100 Series of products.

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Portable radios

Tait Portable Radios include the TP8100, TP9300/9400 ATEX and TP9000 series of products

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Tait Data Products

Tait manufactures a diverse range of mobile data-related products including radio modem, mobile data terminal, GPS receivers and AVL solutions.

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Tait's Approach to Regulatory Compliance

Tait ensures its products meet regulatory compliance in the markets in which they are offered. Please note that this website displays only EU Declarations of Conformity.

EC Declarations of Conformity - What Are They?

The OFCOM (UK) Guidance for Manufacturers on the Introduction of the Radio Equipment Directive.

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