New Zealand narrowband compliance timeframe

The New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has communicated that existing legacy 25 kHz analogue equipment needs to be phased out, and more spectrally-efficient Land Mobile Radio (LMR) technologies introduced, in order to allow for an increasing number of users in highly-congested bands.

These MBIE policy changes may affect your current fleet and we recommend reviewing your two-way radios, as you may need to migrate your service to either a 12.5 kHz analogue channel or a 12.5 kHz / 6.25 kHz digital channel.

MBIE narrowband deadlines

There are two deadlines that licence holders of 25 kHz analogue LMR channels must be aware of:

FAQ from the Radio Spectrum Management website – Find out if you're affected and what it will mean for you

How Tait can help

Through our local Tait Authorised Resellers, we want to help ensure that your two-way radio fleet is fully compliant with these upcoming changes. Possible outcomes may be:

  • Do nothing – your fleet and/or network is already narrowband-compliant
  • Reprogram – your fleet and/or network is narrowband-capable and simply needs to be reprogrammed
  • Upgrade – your fleet and/or network is not narrowband-capable and you need to upgrade some two-way radios, or even your entire network.

Please contact us so that we can help you to identify if you are impacted by these changes, and if so, help you determine what is the best way forward to ensure that your business, your fleet and/or your network will be fully compliant.

Three steps to ensure your narrowbanding compliance:

  1. Do a complete audit of your radio assets
    The first step in considering options is to do a complete audit of your existing radio assets to determine what existing equipment can continue to be used, and what new equipment may be required in transitioning to a new channel plan. Any transitioning costs should also be estimated to determine whether this is a viable option.
  2. Establish a transition plan
    There are a number of considerations with any transition:
    • How quickly could a changeover happen? Are multiple steps required?
    • What are the limitations of your existing equipment?
    • How critical is it that the system remains operational during the transition?
    • Is there any training required for staff?
    Tait has a range of engineering consultative services available to assist clients in auditing existing systems, developing a transition plan and carrying out the required work. Our Change Management experts can also assist you to maximise any new investment made by ensuring user adoption, utilisation and proficiency.
  3. Contact your local Tait Authorised Reseller
    If reprogramming and/or retuning is all that is required to transition to the new channel plan then clients should contact their local Authorised Tait Reseller to have this work carried out.

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