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MACC 9-1-1, Grant County, WA, USA

Dean Hane trusts his critical communications partner

The MACC provides more than 1,000 Public Safety users, from 33 agencies, across 3,000 square miles of terrain with fully interoperable P25 communications.

Dean Hane manages the radio communications of Grant County. Historically they have had challenges with interoperability between agencies and coverage over such a large county. We asked him a few questions. He shared his reasons for choosing Tait and the results of the decision:

Dean Hane - MACC 9-1-1, Grant County

"Now we're in a position to win, to beat the bad guys and be ready for natural disasters."

Dean Hane

Why did you choose Tait?

"We moved to P25 because the technology was standards based. We did not want to go down the proprietary vendor technology route.

We liked the open standards because this means reduced overall total cost of ownership. This will allow us to deploy radios and hardware from multiple vendors on the same system.

We went through the bid process, and we chose Tait because they provided by far the best value solution to our requirements. They cared more about the customer than the money.

Tait also showed that they could make migration easier and within budgets. We were initially headed for a phased roll out. Tait saved us a lot of headaches by delivering everything we wanted on day one.

Tait has really looked out for us. They have become a great partner. When there is an issue to resolve with our system, they don't think, "the MACC has a problem", they say "we have a problem."

What solution did Tait provide?

"The system was the 'full P25 meal deal' with P25 encrypted radios, P25 Dual Body, dual mode radios, P25 Trunked Simulcast, Linear Simulcast Modulation (LSM), Network Management and integration with dispatch consoles."

What are the results of your Tait system?

"Encryption has been a huge benefit for law enforcement. We can securely coordinate the apprehension of criminals, which means our people are a lot safer and we win more. Encryption gives us the upper hand.

We have lots of scenarios that require multi-jurisdictional response. For instance, we recently had a chemical leak at a local silicone plant and needed to coordinate with multiple agencies to deal with the incident and keep the public safe. Our new P25 system will allow for seamless interoperability in these situations between police, fire, emergency services, and other agencies. We could not have done this as effectively with our old system.

All systems have some early problems. Tait has stepped up and solved the problems because it was the right thing to do. They never try to hide behind the contract.

Staying at the Status Quo is easy, but we wanted to look ahead and be ready for the future. Now we're in a position to win, to beat the bad guys and be ready for a natural disaster. We were never in this position before, but we are now."

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