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Tait Communications  unifies your critical communications and connects your people and your grid to a more productive future.

Worker Safety

Giving workers uninterrupted access to vital information is key to maintaining safety and efficiency in the workplace. When communications are lost, lives are put at risk. Tait DMR Tier 3 is the no compromise digital radio platform, delivering best practice in worker safety now and into the future. Your workers will gain uninterrupted access to clear voice communication, and can stay informed of network status through direct access to operational applications.

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Developing a smart grid through improved Distribution Automation can improve network efficiency and increase return on investment for electricity distribution utilities. Unlike other organizations, Tait delivers practical wireless communication utilities solutions that allow for cost-effective Distribution Automation implementation.

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Tait Utility Solutions

Your customers rely on your utility to keep their lights on. You need a digital radio platform that will help you reduce outages, manage renewables, improve grid reliability and meet ultra-narrowbanding requirements while ensuring your assets and staff are protected and performing optimally whatever the conditions. DMR Tier 3 is the no compromise digital trunked radio platform for electricity utilities. It is the right platform for building a fully connected and secure enterprise with improved voice, data, location services and vehicle telemetry communications.

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