Clear and reliable voice functionality across your P25 network

Tait equipment and networks deliver reliable P25 calls with crystal clear voice quality across varied terrains, environments and with all types of calls. In addition to the individual and group calls supported on our P25 conventional systems, our P25 trunked systems support system-wide, broadcast, and announcement group calls. Network configurations include conventional, conventional simulcast, trunked and trunked simulcast.

We provide secure encryption on our P25 networks, extremely valuable for maintaining the privacy of sensitive police and emergency service operations, priority options for call types, user groups and in addition the added capability for dispatchers to set some call priorities when necessary.

Designed with flexibility in mind, Tait conventional P25 terminals can operate in dual mode, which enables them to receive either P25 or analog voice calls automatically. Our conventional networks can be set to operate in either P25 or analog modes depending on which type of signal they receive.

Our P25 networks deliver:

  • Superior, reliable voice quality over a range of call types and networks
  • Secure encryption for privacy
  • Priority options for voice traffic
  • Dual mode for ease of migration and interoperability
P25: Voice clarity you can rely on.