P25 trunking delivers spectrally efficient, private and reliable communications

For Public Safety agencies facing narrow banding deadlines, open standards based P25 trunked technology will help to deliver a spectrally efficient, private and reliable communications system with a reduced Total Cost of Ownership for the network.

Tait Communications has been at the forefront of open standard trunking technology for over 40 years. Drawing on this experience, Tait understands the challenges you face. Migrating to a Tait P25 trunked network presents opportunities to improve performance, efficiency and reliability. With staged and seamless migration pathways inherent in all Tait technologies, we can deliver the right system for your communications solutions needs.

P25 trunked networks are designed for reliability, giving confidence to Public Safety agencies. Traffic is managed and automated to ensure smooth allocation of channel resource, optimizing channel capacity and protecting the network from eavesdroppers.

Benefits of a P25 trunked Public Safety communications system:

  • Spectrally efficient to accommodate more users on fewer channels compared to conventional use
  • Private communications with talk groups, authorized system access and encryption options                
  • Reliable and easy to manage with fast unit blocking to protect against theft and potential eavesdroppers
  • Scalable to facilitate expansion and migration to P25 Phase 2                                                                
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership of the network
P25 Trunked Networks: Engineered to meet your business objectives.