For dependable, secure and cost-effective communications, P25 delivers true interoperability

Key to the effective operation of mission critical communications is the requirement for Public Safety agencies to interoperate on all levels. P25 delivers proven standards based communications solutions to ensure that front line personnel can communicate with multiple agencies and adjacent public safety networks with ease and confidence. 

The P25 Compliance Assessment Program (CAP) gives confidence that your P25 equipment conforms to specific interoperability standards for use with other manufacturers’ equipment. Remove the guesswork associated with standards interpretation, and reduce the risk of proprietary system constraints.

Disaster readiness can save time and save lives. With careful planning, common goals and cooperation across boundaries and borders,  a P25 solution from Tait will meet those objectives. The 2011 earthquake generated a rapid response from the international USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) community.  P25 radios from different nations and multiple vendors were suddenly the backbone of the local emergency response, interoperating on the P25 CAP tested network.

P25 interoperability allows:

  • Multiple vendors’ radios working together with pre-determined encryption, frequency, access and authorization settings for each radio user
  • Multiple Public Safety agencies working together regularly, across the same jurisdiction
  • Adjacent municipalities, states and jurisdictions working together for mutual aid
P25: Open standard to deliver true interoperability.