Proven mobile and portable performance

With more than 40 years of experience, Tait Communications has a reputation for setting international benchmarks in radio ruggedness and performance.

Tait mobile radios are made to exceed international public safety standards. With excellent sensitivity and range, crystal clear audio and a proven track record for radio frequency performance, Tait mobiles deliver an outstanding solution for Public Safety first responders. P25 mobile radios deliver exceptional audio clarity and volume in high noise environments with both internal and external speaker configurations to suit your usage and needs.

Tait P25 portable radios are designed and tested to ensure they can take the hard knocks that first responders and front line personnel subject them to in the real world. The TP9400 is also designed to be software upgradeable to P25 Phase 2  to meet your future operational needs. Tait portables also deliver crystal-clear P25 digital audio, even in high noise environments, using industry leading enhanced IMBE or AMBE +2 vocoders. Our portable radios have a unique audio design to minimize background noise, especially wind noise, and work with a range of different audio accessories to suit your needs.

The P25 range of mobiles and portables include features and benefits which deliver:

  • User friendly products with the renown ruggedized design
  • Crystal clear audio performance
  • Excellent radio frequency performance
P25 Terminals: Designed to perform, in every environment.