Ensure resilience and reliability across your network with multiple redundancy levels

Keeping Public Safety personnel safe, as well as the communities they serve, requires a communications solution which they can always rely on. Tait P25 solutions are designed to meet the stringent levels of resilience and reliability that you expect. Products undergo rigorous testing to ensure top performance including the internationally recognized US defense military standards (MIL-STD or MIL-SPEC) and Ingress Protection Ratings (e.g. IP67).

Systems and networks are designed with a range of dual redundancy and fail-soft configurations, mirrored system elements and fall back modes so that your system keeps working even if problems  occur.  With a range of options including redundant linking and dual traffic paths, Tait designs your network so you can always rely on getting through.

Tait P25 systems help to ensure mission critical communications are uninterrupted with:

  • Resilient hardware designed and tested to Public Safety industry standards
  • Dual supplies and mirrored system elements for redundancy
  • Tailored configurations with multiple back up options for system reliability
  • Multiple levels of redundancy
P25: Engineered to ensure system resilience and reliability.