Durability: Tait Tough

The Tait TP9400 - designed to be tough.

Public Safety is a tough job. Police, Fire, and Emergency services face challenging conditions every day. They need communications equipment that is totally reliable. That's why Tait engineered the TP9400 to be one of the toughest, public safety grade portable radios ever made.

Our compact radios have been tested and proven to survive, with no damage, even under the harshest standards. Here are a few of the tests we run:

  • We drop them from 6 feet onto concrete – That's 50% higher than the military requirement. We drop them from 26 different angles, over and over again to ensure the durability of everything from the battery and antenna fittings to the internal componentry and the LCD screen.
  • IP67 Water and dust protection - Proven to survive with no leaks under 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.
  • Every component is selected and tested so the radio can endure harder knocks and more extreme temperatures. The radios are assembled and tested in our own factory, delivering maximum quality where it matters most.

Way beyond the standards

We weren’t satisfied with the industry tests. So we decided to have a little fun with some new experiments:

Catapult test

  Tait TP9400 catapult test

Crush test

  Tait TP9400 crush test

Bowling test

  Tait TP9400 bowling test

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