P25 network deployment - expertise and experience counts

Successfully deploying a P25 radio network requires detailed knowledge of radio communications and the Public Safety communications environment. Irrespective of project complexity or size, time frame or budget, the goal is to manage deployment seamlessly end to end. It is critical that agencies can continue their primary mission without increased risk to the public or officers, confident that risk of outages or service degradation during the critical migration phase is mitigated and managed.

Tait Public Safety customers experience reduced project-related risk, shorter time to implementation and a faster return on investment. Having the P25 deployment professionally managed and commissioned reduces unnecessary risks, delays and budget overruns. Tait can fulfill the scheduling, cost, safety and quality control requirements, install, integrate and test third party or legacy equipment and work with your preferred equipment and service providers.

Key Tait Deployment Services include:

  • Project and program management, ensuring a smooth installation program
  • Commissioning, including on site testing, optimization and go-live sign off
  • Technical training, developing customer expertise and confidence with your own system
  • System documentation, designed to cover troubleshooting and to build your in-house expertise
Deployment services: Learn from the experts and build your expertise.