Technical aspects

Trunking technology (английский)

For Public Safety agencies facing narrow banding deadlines, open standards based P25 trunked technology will help to deliver a spectrally efficient, private and reliable communications system with a reduced Total Cost of Ownership for the network.

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Durability (английский)

Public Safety is a tough job. Police, Fire, and Emergency services face challenging conditions every day. They need communications equipment that is totally reliable. That's why Tait engineered the TP9400 to be one of the toughest, public safety grade portable radios ever made.

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Spectral efficiency (английский)

A spectrally efficient system allows for greater user access with fewer channels using TDMA modulation. Reduce channel overheads and site costs whilst meeting regulatory compliance with P25 Phase 1 or Phase 2.

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TP9400 features (английский)

The new TP9400 portable radio combines advanced technology and features into a small, lightweight and customizable body that is designed to meet the needs of front line public safety first responders in demanding environments.

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Coverage design services (английский)

Using the latest approaches to applied radio systems theory, Tait can design a coverage plan for reliable, trouble-free communication, for the toughest environments.

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System design services (английский)

Working in partnership with customers, Tait system design engineers define the technical, functional and operational requirements that meet both your current need and future demand.

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Phase 2 upgradeable (английский)

A Tait P25 Phase 2 software-upgradeable solution avoids complicated upgrades and is based on genuine P25 open standards - providing flexibility and choice with a tailored solution.

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Efficient coverage (английский)

To provide coverage for modern P25 Public Safety networks takes a deep understanding of coverage theory and its principles and extensive experience in implementing practical solutions. The need to coordinate emergency response and ensure responder safety means that coverage cannot be left to chance.

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Standards based technology (английский)

Tait Communications is committed to open-standards, participating in the Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG), P25 Compliance assistance program (P25 CAP) and supports the P25 Solution Centre (PSC) in Sydney.

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True interoperability (английский)

Open standards technology, like P25, provides Public Safety agencies with genuine interoperability, greater choice and increased vendor competition.

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Integrated architecture (английский)

Tait P25 simulcast communications systems with highly integrated architecture, utilize Tait P25 base stations to minimize system delays and optimize system performance.

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System resiliency and redundancy (английский)

The safety of Public Safety First responders and their communities relies on a communications system that is available on demand. Tait P25 solutions can be tailored to meet differing levels of resilience and redundancy.

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Support Services (английский)

Flexible, proactive and tailored to each agency’s requirements, Tait Support Agreements guarantee a fast response, a clearly-defined level of support and a solid maintenance plan that goes well beyond insurance in the event of a communications failure.

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Terminal performance (английский)

Tait Mobiles and Portables are designed and developed alongside our Public Safety customers to ensure we develop product features and functions that ensure user friendly products, crystal clear audio and excellent radio frequency performance.

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Voice functionality (английский)

Tait Communications seamlessly delivers clear and reliable voice functionality- the most crucial element of all radio operations – across all our P25 networks.

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Deployment Services (английский)

Tait Communications have successfully deployed and commissioned radio communications systems across the globe, from the most arid, desolate environments to suburban towns.

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