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  • Reduce the time to productivity with efficient planning
    Earlier go-live means you start returning on your communications investment sooner. Industry-leading expertise delivers well scoped, defined and managed projects that are delivered within budget and scope of change requests. Based on multi-project knowledge and experience, Tait can reduce issues and manage project-related risks during migration to your new network.
  • Improve user adoption rates and satisfaction levels
    When new technology is introduced, workers who are confident and informed will adopt the new system more readily, engage sooner and deliver operational benefits earlier. Every Tait expert that works with your people is committed to familiarizing and informing them, saving time and reducing frustration. Trained workers can operate and maintain systems without error, and can resolve issues before your communications network is impacted. Contractor callouts are reduced, because your people can perform critical tasks.

Key Deploy Services

  • Project and Program Management
    The most direct and cost-effective pathway to your agreed goals and objectives.
  • Commissioning
    Installing, testing and optimizing your new network.
  • Technical Training
    Equipping your people with the right knowledge for greater gains from your communications investment.
  • System Documentation
    Accurate, up to date information you can rely on in an emergency.

Project Management was great. They kept everything on time and there were no delays with installation.

Steve Schmidt, IT Manager, City of San Luis Obispo

Case Study — City of San Luis Obispo

Challenging terrain and communication dead spots are overcome with this innovative digital P25 simulcast solution.

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