P25 for Utilities

The P25 standard is primarily designed to provide high performance, secure, interoperable, high availability private communication networks for Public Safety. But the P25 platform is increasingly also favoured as a mission critical communications solution for electric utilities.

In addition to the high quality voice calls to both individuals and groups, and the seamless migration path from analogue operation to Phase 1 and then Phase 2 digital, the P25 platform also gives utilities some distinctly appealing advantages:

Utility / Public Safety interoperability

Many municipally owned electric utilities have selected P25 because this enables their utilities to interoperate seamlessly with their police, fire, ambulance and other municipally provided services. P25 based interoperability with Public Safety agencies offers utilities real benefits during large disruptive weather events or other emergencies.

Tried and tested communication security

For a subset of utility businesses, such as those operating large hydro or nuclear generation facilities, security is of paramount concern. For these utilities there is considerable appeal in the 30 year track record of the APCO P25 standard for delivering highly secure encrypted public safety communications. For these organisations the seamless interoperability that P25 offers with local law enforcement is also a distinct security benefit.

Open standards multi-vendor

The P25 standard technology has been proven by thousands of public safety agencies over many years. It has developed a wide community of standard adherent equipment vendors who have had their equipment tested extensively through the compliance assessment program (CAP) to ensure standards compliance and interoperability. This offers utilities a great degree of confidence and a wide array of vendor choices as they build and evolve their Mission Critical radio system to meet future challenges.

Why choose Tait

São Paulo Military Police chose Tait P25, with crime now down by 60% across the State of São Paulo.

Read the São Paulo Military Police case study

P25 Products

P25 9100 Series

With industry-leading digital audio clarity, superb build quality and tested in a P25 Compliance Assessment Program (P25 CAP) recognized laboratory, the 9100 series continues to provide reliable digital communications for mission critical users.

P25 Phase 2 TDMA 9400 Series

P25 Phase 2 TDMA 9400 Series

Featuring IP connected servers, software upgradability to Phase 2 and with the most compact portables on the market, the T9400 series is designed to conquer the challenges faced by mission critical users.