Optimized network performance from day one

Tait system design engineers work closely with you to ensure the final design delivers the very best performance possible from your customized network. We provide comprehensive advice based on a deep understanding of industry requirements and radio technology, coupled with over 40 years of network design expertise.

Tait system designers create a fully optimized radio network that precisely meets defined operational parameters, key performance indicators and strategic objectives. A flexible design philosophy supports integration of preferred third-party equipment with new and existing infrastructure  whilst ensuring your regulatory, operational and geographical environment requirements and expectations are met.

By working with Tait to design and develop your P25 network design, you can be confident you will:

  • Reduce capital costs
  • Improve radio user confidence and operational effectiveness
  • Optimize system performance, stability and availability
  • Increase alignment with organizational objectives
P25 Networks: Designed to deliver key operational goals.