P25 for Public Safety

Tait P25. Engineered to exceed Public Safety's changing needs.

Mission critical radio systems operate in a demanding and fast changing Public Safety environment. With 40 years mission critical radio experience, Tait understands the operational, regulatory, funding and spectrum challenges faced by Public Safety operators. We have engineered the Phase 2 Tait P25 platform to exceed your expectations at every level from reliability and affordability to coverage and interoperability.

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Implementing your P25 system

You have selected a vendor, and now it is time to get your network up and running. This fourth guide address the often confusing sea of documentation required, training your people, and experiencing a smooth migration.

Client Story

City of Augusta, ME, USA

Augusta Public Safety Dispatch services Fire, Police and Emergency Medical Services.

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High availability

Tait P25 is engineered to deliver optimized radio system availability within your available budget.

Improve operational effectiveness and efficiency

Tait P25 is engineered to enhance Public Safety agency performance and safety.

Network and information security

With award winning key management and end-to-end encryption, Tait P25 will exceed your expectations on security and information protection.

Guaranteed regulatory compliance

Tait P25 gives Public Safety agencies an unparalleled advantage in meeting regulatory and funding challenges.

Cost effectiveness

Tait P25 has been designed to increase spectral efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership.

Smooth deployment

Tait P25 is engineered to ensure smooth and seamless migration from your existing radio solution.