Network manageability

The Tait DMR Tier 3 platform is supported by the Tait Enable collection of extensible management tools and middleware that places the control of your radio network firmly in the palm of your hands. Tait Enable helps utilities to more effectively manage, monitor and report on their communications infrastructure and subscriber units. More information

Fleet management made easy

EnableFleet provides a single source of information, allowing you to bring your radio configuration experts together in one centralized location to manage your entire fleet of mobile and portable radios.

Group-based management of both the radio configuration and firmware from one site provides economies of scale that have previously been unachievable because of the considerable in-field expertise required to manage a radio fleet.

Future releases of EnableFleet will also support Over The Air Programming (OTAP) and deliver updates over new bearers as they become available.

Overseeing the health of your DMR network

EnableMonitor is one component of Tait Enable that provides real-time monitoring, giving you assurance that your network is operating as expected, and helps you to minimize impacts if problems occur.

Reporting on the performance of your DMR network

The detailed reporting options within EnableReport help you to optimize your network use. EnableReport helps you demonstrate that you are achieving your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by reporting against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

By providing you with an audit trail, EnableReport can also help you to better understand and optimize your network resources around busy times, talkgroups and sites.

Network management services

Whether you want to manage your own network using our products or have a fully managed network, Tait can provide all the knowledge and support you need to ensure that you can always rely on your private radio system.

Many utility organisations report declining RF knowledge and the combination of IT management with radio system management has made network management more challenging over recent years.

Tait has a long history of managing radio networks and has a strong combined RF and IP knowledge.

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