For a high performance, resilient and reliable digital radio platform that provides comparable coverage to your existing analog platform, Tait DMR Tier 3 is the no compromise solution.

With crystal clear voice, consistent data throughput and low latency throughout the entire service area, DMR Tier 3 will improve the usability of your radio network well beyond the capabilities of an analog network.

Transmission range

Preserving radio network coverage is of vital concern for utilities moving from analog to digital radio systems. Some digital radio standards cannot offer the same range as an analog network, and significant investment in new sites is needed to retain equal PMR coverage. DMR Tier 3 from Tait provides comparable coverage to your analog system.

Better capacity across the network

Radio coverage is not only about geographical area covered – average capacity across the coverage area is also critical to business efficiency. The DMR Tier 3 platform is designed to allow reuse of 12.5kHz analog channels and by utilizing 2-slot TDMA technology within those channels it effectively doubles the channel capacity.

Designed for high power transmission

Some radio platforms have been specifically designed for high capacity urban network deployments. These systems are intended to operate at lower transmission powers to allow for significant levels of frequency re-use.

Such systems are not economically viable for utilities operating in open, non-urban areas, as they would need to invest in a large number of sites to provide coverage across their network area.

Long transmission range is often essential in the utility operating environment. Based on this need, the DMR Tier 3 platform is engineered to support high power, long range transmission.

The Tait DMR Tier 3 digital radio platform is the no compromise option for utility-scale radio coverage.

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